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Madwire brings digital marketing front and center

When Joe Kellogg wondered in 2009 how small businesses were going to compete in today’s business climate, he came up with an idea with his son, JB Kellogg: Revamp how entrepreneurs will attract customers with marketing – but not your traditional idea of marketing.

Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Company

Madwire, a Loveland internet marketing company, ranked No. 1 of companies with 2012 revenues between $5.25 million and $16.9 million. Madwire’s revenues surged 789 percent from $787,000 to $7 million over two years. Madwire has 180 employees.

Madwire co-founder gears up for growth

In August 2009, my father and I founded Madwire. Madwire is a marketing and design agency (hence M.A.D). I help oversee all our departments and day-to-day operations with my father, Joe Kellogg, and partner Jerry Kelly. I particularly enjoy leading our research and development team to design and develop new products and services to offer our clients.

Mad Growth at Madwire

Madwire grew from two to 27 employees in its first year alone.  The company now employs more than 90 people and expects to generate revenue of more than #10 million this year.  How has it done this, and how did it get to this level so fast?  ”Businesses need marketing,” co-founder JB Kellogg say plainly…

Madwire in Loveland Poised to Expand

One of Loveland’s fastest-growing employers is about to grow again, and in grand fashion. Madwire Cos., a 2-year-old Internet marketing firm with 75 employees in a three-story building on the south shore of Lake Loveland, will expand into a larger twin that is under construction and plans to add another 110 living-wage jobs. But if not for some diligence and patience on the company’s part, and city approvals that arrived just in the nick of time, those jobs might have gone elsewhere in Northern Colorado…

Loveland’s Madwire Pushes its Envelope

Down to the wire in awaiting a construction start, Madwire in August nearly jumped from Loveland to Windsor, where it had been assured that building permits could be fast-tracked to meet the schedule, according to Madwire spokeswoman Farra Lanzer. The company has grown from a handful of employees to 75 in two years, and its existing 6,000-square-foot building at 504 W. Eisenhower Blvd. is packed. “We’re bursting at the seams,” Lanzer said. “This is so much-needed.”…

Madwire Finds Growth in Digital Realms

Closely studying trends and putting the best new ideas to work has helped put Madwire on a path of can only be described as phenomenal growth.  JB Kellogg, Madwire co-founder, points to a list of ideas scribbled on a window in a Madwire office facing the south shore of Lake Loveland.  “We see so many different things in here everyday,” said Kellogg, a graduate of Loveland High School. “We write things down, we rack and stack ‘em, we throw ‘em on the window.”…

Superheroes Busted in Loveland

Spider-Man, appropriately, was the first to scale the three-story building at 504 W. Eisenhower Blvd., on the south shore of Lake Loveland.  About a week later, in mid-June, Batman swooped in and chased him off.  The Incredible Hulk was next, elbowing Batman aside.  Then, by popular demand, Wonder Woman ascended to take her rightful place.  She proved to be the last straw for a Loveland code enforcement officer, who busted her Thursday for violating an ordinance prohibiting superheroes, or any other promotional figures, from business rooftops…

Loveland Superheroes Defeated!

It wasn’t kyrptonite, Lex Luther nor The Joker that took down the popular superheroes in Loveland; it was that dastardly city code! I saw this story on the front page of the Reporter Herald today and thought- “How did I miss this?”  Apparently, since June, this small web design company- Madwire had been putting up life-size mannequin replicas of some of the best known super heroes-starting with Spider-Man…

Madwire Aids Loveland Nonprofit

Loveland web design and Internet marketing firm Madwire has partnered with House of Neighborly Service to provide a new website that will help House of Neighborly Service continue to serve Larimer County. Although still in development, the new website will make it easier to contact the organization. In addition to providing House of Neighborly Service with a new website, Madwire hosted a fundraiser through its Facebook page in June. With the help of the community and 114 new fans, Madwire raised $114…

On It’s Second Try, a Start up Fashion Designer Finally Starts to Close Some Web Sales

After firing its old e-commerce vendor, the apparel retailer earlier this year employed technology provider BigCommerce, along with its design and marketing partner Madwire, to update the site and make it more visible in search engine results.  One of the main tasks was to make sure online consumers searching for designer women’s apparel could find the retailer. The retailer’s new e-commerce platform includes customizable page titles and product description pages, which helps search engines better index and rank the site…

Madwire Targets Clicks to Customers

“Converting clicks to customers” is what Madwire promises, and it uses an arsenal of weapons to accomplish the mission. The firm specializes in online marketing, Web design, search engine optimization, keyword writing, Google ads, social media management and customization, blogging services, press releases and public relations. All of the services are customized to the target market of each client’s business…

Loveland web designer Madwire has started a fundraiser to help raise money for the Larimer Humane Society

In addition to donating $1 for every new fan, Madwire also is housing a donation drop off. Residents can go to Madwire’s office and drop off much needed items like Walmart or Sam’s Club gift cards, kitten milk replacer (no particular kind), esbilac powdered puppy milk replacer, dog treats of any kind and plastic wading pools…

Web Design Trends 2011

Today’s Web design landscape is dominated by one principle – design goes far beyond its traditional definition. No longer are web designers simply charged with choosing colors and images and ensuring the website looks “slick” or that buttons take users to the proper Web page. The job of a designer now includes everything from SEO to e-commerce. The increased demands on designers to create full experiences – not just web pages – are what drive trends; trends that soon become standards.

Designing Like MAD

When Joe Kellogg or his son, J.B., run out of white-board space, they use the office windows that overlook Lake Loveland to jot down their planning ideas. Their colored marks appear to float against the sky as they get down to the business of creating websites — 180 are in development and another 700 or 800 already are on the Internet.  The Lovelanders founded and co-own Madwire, a Web design firm that takes up the top two floors of a three-story building at 504 W. Eisenhower Blvd.

A Shining Light in a Gloomy Economy Colorado Web Designer Brings 6 Million Dollars to the Local Economy


Colorado web designer Madwire, the fastest growing web design firm in Colorado, brought in six million dollars to the Northern Colorado economy in 2010 and forecasts an additional fifteen million in 2011. With the unemployment rate still high and…

Madwire “Likes” to Donate to Humane Society

Loveland web designer Madwire has started a fundraiser to help raise money for the Larimer Humane Society. For each new fan that “likes” its Facebook page, the company will donate $1 to the Larimer Humane Society (up to $1,000).  In April, Madwire raised $540 for Sierra’s Race Against Meningitis…

Increasing Church Membership With an All Empowering Website

Let’s face it; the Internet has consumed our world as we know it. It has made things fast, easy, and convenient.  We use e-mail instead of phones, search engines instead of phone books, and social media to connect with people all over the world. With today’s tech-savvy generations, one way to ensure that you retain and secure new members is to have a great website that allows plenty of interaction…

Webboyers logoColorado Web Design Company Can Impact Your Bottom Line in 2.5 Seconds


One local Colorado web designer is experiencing rapid growth by helping businesses of all kinds increase sales through web design and online marketing. Colorado-based Madwire arms clients with a professionally-designed website, defined brand

The Need to Know Info

Colorado’s largest web design and internet marketing firm, Madwire, is proud and excited to release their new creation, Marketing Online 2011. This free guide to marketing online is filled with expert advice and information, and yes, it’s completely free.


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